Teamspeak 3 Overlay

ts3overlay is no longer maintained!

Please check out for the successor of the ts3overlay

Teamspeak 3 Overlay is a plugin for Teamspeak that allows you to see the members of your current TS3 channel within your DirectX Games.

Currently the following features are implemented:

  • OpenGL Support
  • DirectX 11 Support
  • DirectX 10 Support
  • DirectX 9 Support
  • DirectX 8 Support
  • Move and resize the overlay window without moving the player (mouse movements / clicks hidden from game if not needed).
  • See who's talking in realtime
  • Switch channels in-game
  • Convenient setup
  • Configuration of initial size, colors, fonts etc
  • Popup notifications if users enter/leave the channel or write text messages in the TS3 chat

Still on the todo-list:

  • Connecting to Teamspeak Server from the plugin
  • Support DirectDraw / D3D7
  • Possibility for in-game connect
  • Show (and connect to) TS3 server bookmarks
  • Chat auto-reply when in-game


This software is for free, however if you like the product and want to support me, feel free to give a small donation by clicking the button below. Thank you.

Installation instructions:

The plugin is already included in the TS3 Client distribution.

You may however d/l the latest stable (or development version) from the download section.

In this case, try to get the setup (the executable). It will automatically detect the installation location and determines if 32bit or 64bit is required

If you decide to download one of the RAR archives, you need to extract the archive's content to your TS3 installation's plugins folder.


World of Warcraft, full mode:
World of Warcraft, full mode

World of Warcraft, normal mode:
World of Warcraft, normal mode

World of Warcraft, minimal mode:
World of Warcraft, full mode